Quickly and easily track your expenses, invoices, quotes, and more with our basic accounting information about your business activities.


Accounting Information

Brilliance CRM simplifies accounting with its user-friendly design and comprehensive suite of modules tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The platform is designed to streamline financial management, making it easy for business owners to keep track of their finances without the need for extensive accounting knowledge. The intuitive interface ensures that users can effortlessly navigate through various accounting tasks, from recording expenses to managing investor relations.

One of the standout features of Brilliance CRM is its expense management module. This tool allows businesses to efficiently track and categorize expenses, ensuring that all financial outflows are accounted for. Users can easily input expenses, attach receipts, and monitor spending trends, helping businesses stay within budget and identify cost-saving opportunities. Additionally, the investor module enables companies to manage investor information, track contributions, and communicate effectively with stakeholders, ensuring transparency and fostering trust.

The invoices and quotes module is another essential component of Brilliance CRM's accounting features. This module allows businesses to generate professional invoices and quotes with ease, ensuring timely billing and accurate record-keeping. Users can customize templates, set up recurring invoices, and track payment statuses, reducing administrative burdens and improving cash flow management. The payments module further complements this by providing a centralized platform for recording and processing payments, whether through credit cards, bank transfers, or other methods.

Brilliance CRM also offers robust tools for managing the chart of accounts and journal entries. The chart of accounts module helps businesses organize their financial data into meaningful categories, facilitating better financial analysis and reporting. Users can create, edit, and manage accounts to reflect their unique business needs. Meanwhile, the journal entries module allows for precise recording of financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. These features collectively empower businesses to maintain a clear and accurate financial picture, supporting informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

Accounting Screen Screenshots

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Invoicing & Quotes


Chart of Accounts

Journal Entries

Key Features For Accounts

  • Expenses
    • Track all expenses
    • Tie to your Chart of Account
    • Put in as detailed of description as you need
    • Add as many attachments (documents) that you need
    • Logging for all views and edits with the user that did them
  • Invoices & Quotes
    • Easy to understand summary screen
    • Duplicate Invoice
    • Ability to void an invoice (not paid)
    • Accept one or multiple payments and tied to the invoice
    • Set the billing and overall shipping address (if enabled)
    • Ability to accept payments online
    • Easily email invoices and quotes
    • Set rules for quotes to require signature, ID, and more
    • Accepted quotes automatically turned to invoices
    • Accepted quotes are digitally signed
    • Full accounting details and tracking
    • Logging for all views and edits with the user that did them
    • Discounts ($ or %) overall per invoice/quote
    • Unlimited invoice/quote line items
    • Discounts ($ or %) per line item
    • Ability to override pricing (if enabled)
    • Add additional details
    • Accounts
      • Invoices & Quotes show related to the account
      • Payments show related to the account
    • Ability to have separate Shipping addresses per line item (if enabled)
  • Payment Vault
    • Full Tokenization
    • Tied to Accounts
    • AES-256 encryption
    • Fully PCI DSS Compliant
    • Seamless Subscription Management
    • Email those that have cards expiring at XX days (default is 45 days out)
    • Once a card is entered you cannot see the card number or CVV code again
    • No limit to the number of cards stored per account
  • Payments
    • Assign to Invoices, Users, Accounts, or a Chart of Account
    • Information all encrypted
    • Split payments across multiple invoices
    • Cards can be archived as a secure digital token for future purchases
    • Get any additional billing information that may be different from the original invoice
    • Enter card information and charged directly within the software
    • Track all information related to the payment
    • Add any additional comments and upload attachments (documents) to the payment
    • All card payment information and tracking information is saved
  • Chart of Accounts
    • Create as many Chart of Accounts you need
    • Create sub-accounts for a parent/child relationship
    • Assign the account type
    • Assign the account number
    • Assign valid start/end date for those accounts that you don't need forever
  • Journal Entries
    • Track all journal entries
    • Tie to your Chart of Account
    • Put in as detailed of description as you need
    • Add as many attachments (documents) that you need
    • Logging for all views and edits with the user that did them
  • Up to 4-digit precision for all currency
  • No deleting so that you have full tracing of all activities