Please start with the core system modules and then choose any additional modules that your business needs to grow what you want it to be.


Upfront & Fair Pricing

You will find straightforward and upfront pricing for everything we do. Pricing should be fair and allow unlimited users so you can grow without worrying about a new bill for your new hire. You should have access to a software development team dedicated to your business's growth and meeting its challenges. Working together is a partnership where we both will succeed and grow.

Core System

Every business needs foundational essentials to track customers, leads, newsletters, and text marketing (text, picture text, and shortcodes). With the core features, you will be able to start tracking your business needs and start growing your business. You receive all the security you need and unlimited users (employees, customers, newsletter/texting subscribers, and vendors).

Additional Module Prices

Many businesses are ready to grow beyond the foundation. This is where each additional module comes in, customizing the solution to meet your unique business needs. You will have no restrictions and everything you need. If you need more clarification, we will be glad to discuss your needs and let you know what will help you reach your current business challenges.