Brilliance Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

No Development Skills Required!

A powerful, feature-complete CRM built for ease of use. We included everything a business needs to be successful in an affordable monthly subscription. That consists of the developers to help you extend and enhance the product for your individual needs!

The Brilliance CRM website is built on the content management system (CMS) and CMS modules. There are two modes to the Brilliance CRM. You have CRM Only Mode and Website Mode. You're looking at the website mode right now. The difference between the website mode and the CRM only mode is the CRM mode will send you straight to the CRM login page.

Brilliance CRM started as an internal project to avoid the costs associated with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With those costing hundreds of dollars per employee, we needed a solution that allowed us to grow and keep our prices affordable. After ten years of development and internal use, we spent the past year optimizing, documenting, and creating videos to make the CRM available to others.

Brilliance CRM is the perfect solution if you use Excel or Sticky Notes (eek) to keep track of your business.

We believe in honesty and integrity -- the American Way! We provide free consultations to every business where we listen to you and hear what company processes you're trying to improve or solve. We evaluate everything you're doing and let you know if Brilliance CRM would fit you well.

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Why Brilliance CRM?

We all know you must have a value proposition. We knew that when we decided to take our internal program, which we've used for ten years, and make it available to more than ourselves. We needed it to be easy (the old version was far from it). We needed documentation. We needed videos. We needed to be affordable. We needed it to be fun -- if a CRM could be fun!

What Separates Us Apart And Why You Want/Need Brilliance CRM

Grows With Your Business

An exciting aspect of what makes Brilliance CRM brilliant is that you do not pay for user licensing. Whether you have one user or hundreds, your monthly subscription costs the same. We include this pricing in industry-specific modules as well. For example, Chamber of Commerce software typically will charge for administrators and each member. As such, one price to rule them all! We don't believe that is fair or the way America was built.

No Developer Needed

As a marketing company emphasizing custom software development, the thought of a product that doesn't require us was a fun discussion. By eliminating the need for your business to hire developers, we can help you keep your costs down. You always will have a developer at your beck and call. Part of your monthly subscription includes all updates and new features added to your industry-specific modules and the core modules you're using.

Increase Sales / Customer Retention

When you add new leads and customers, you want to be able to reach out to them the way they want. By focusing communication through text (picture or just text), voice, or email, you can reach your customer where they are and where they prefer. Meeting their needs shows them how important they are to you.

Customer / Employee Portal

One of the main areas we heard was that businesses wanted to share files with customers and employees without buying another program that became more expensive over time. They stated they wanted something easy to use that didn't require any learning or take up people's valuable time.


Software should work for you and not fight you every step of the way. We give you control over almost everything -- more than any other system we have ever used. We built Brilliance CRM on all the latest internet technologies, and you have control of everything. You can hide any branding, change any color, etc. This is the software you've been waiting for!


Security is the first and last thing we think about for every decision we make with Brilliance CRM. We have done our best to make everything secure. In every location we could, we added double-checks to eliminate malicious intent. We comply with all the latest standards for storing and encrypting data. Information is backed up daily off-site, in a secure location with additional encryption.

Fully Managed

We give you a complete solution. Whether through an Agency Partner or directly with us, you receive comprehensive customer support, daily backups, updates, and system monitoring. We want you to focus on your business and make it grow. You may be sitting behind a screen working, but you're working. It would be best if you didn't worry about maintaining your software.

Cost Effective

We are constantly looking for ways to be more cost-effective. We lock your monthly subscription price so it will stay the same, even if we raise the rates. The monthly subscription price you signed up for always stays the same. This allows us to keep our software affordable. This is our way of saying "thank you" for being an awesome customer.

Integrate Into Any Internet Standard Based Website

Part of what makes Brilliance CRM "brilliant" is that we made it so that you can integrate it into any website. These are the leading Content Management Systems we have been embedded with already. If yours allows industry-standard HTML5 and CSS3, you'll be able to make it work without any problems.


Modules, Modules, Modules

Brilliance CRM's core is a full-featured CMS (Content Management System) and CRM. Every core module interacts and works collaboratively together, just like your team.

Core Modules


Industry Specific Modules

We would be amiss if we left off industry-specific solutions. These add-ons extend the core functionality, streamline business processes, and make it easier to use the core system. Below are the current industry-specific add-ons. We have over twenty industries we are currently building out for. Contact us to find out if we have your business industry on our current developer timeline. If not, we'll add it!

Business / Public Directories
Chamber of Commerce
Drug Testing Labs
Educational Hour Tracking
Government (City & Towns)
Marketing Agency
Service Based Businesses
Trash Bin Cleaning

Upfront and Straight Forward Pricing

Brilliance CRM

Note: Starting June 1 through July 31 you will receive the following additional benefits:

  • 15% discount of their monthly price.
  • Your industry specific module, when released, you will receive at 50% if over $200/month or free if it's less than $200.
  • You will receive twice as many SMS, MMS, and email messages that are provided each month.
  • Your signup price for what you use during the beta period is price locked for life.
  • You get priority requests for features/changes into the core product.

Note: Paying annually will garner you a 10% savings on the monthly core CRM cost.

Brilliance CRM
Monthly Cost$347.00
   Storage50 Gigabytes
   Tie to Your domain ( or a sub-domain (
   Ability To White Label
     If you are an agency or consultancy and wish to resell contact us at
   New Core Products
Accounts & Leads 
   Accounts & LeadsNo Limit
   QuickBooks Export File
      Included Emails (Included Gateway)20,000
      Included Monthly Emails (Your Own Gateway)No Restrictions
      GroupsNo Limit
      SubscribersNo Limit
   Texting (SMS / MMS)
      Included Text (SMS / MMS) (Included Gateway)1,000
   Public Downloads
   Embed On External Websites
Invoices & Quotes 
   Track Other Business Expenses
   QuickBooks Export File
KB Articles / Help Desk 
   KB Articles
   Virtual Payment Terminal
   Credit Card Processor Gateway
      Included Transactions500
      Additional Transactions$0.06
Portal Users 
   UsersNo Limit
   Custom User Portal
      TasksNo Limit
Time Clock 
   Time Clock
   Search & Replace
CMS (Content Management System) 
   Blog Posts
   Job Postings
   News & Events
   Page Content
   Application Settings
   System Alerts
   Table Settings
   Log Files
   User Security
      Google Authenticator
Customer Support 
Additional Modules (Monthly Cost) 
   Chamber of Commerce / Public Directory+ $250.00
   Drug Testing Lab Results+ $250.00
   Education Hour Tracking+ $150.00
   Government (City & Towns)+ $250.00
   Marketing Agency+ $350.00
   Service Based Businesses+ $250.00
   Trash Bin Cleaning+ $250.00
Other Costs 
   Additional Gigabytes (Each Gigabyte) (Monthly)+ $2.00
   Dedicated Text Number (Monthly)+ $6.00
   Additional Emails (Each)$0.001
   Additional Texts (Each)$0.008
Marketing Add-Ons (Done by our parent company Fawkes Digital Marketing and Require the CRM Software) 
   WordPress Website Hosting (Monthly)
     Daily Backup, 5 Email address (optional), Security Updates, Virus/Malware Protection, Google Business Profile, Bing Page, and Local SEO (10-mile radius) US Only
+ $59.99
   Reputation Management (Monthly)
     Sending Out, Monitoring Reviews, and Replying To Reviews
+ $85.00
   Additional SEO Miles (Monthly) (per Mile)
     Over 10-miles, US Only
+ $7.25
   Social Media / Google Business Page Management (Monthly) (per Channel)
     3 Weekly Posts, Replying To Fans, Building Audience
+ $150.00
   Pre-Purchased Marketing Hours (Monthly) (per Hour)
     Monthly Hours Rollover For 12-Months
+ $70.00