Time Clock Tracking

Track your employees with a simple clock-in/clock-out process. Allow them to be assigned to Accounts, Projects, or Tasks. Upload documents and attach notes.

Time Clock

Time Clock Information

Brilliance CRM's time clock module is a powerful tool that enables businesses to track employee punches within defined periods effectively. This functionality is essential for maintaining accurate records of employee attendance and work hours. By ensuring that employees log their time accurately, businesses can manage their workforce more efficiently, avoiding the common pitfalls of manual time tracking methods, such as errors and time theft. This leads to more reliable payroll processing and ensures compliance with labor regulations, ultimately fostering a more organized and accountable work environment.

The time clock module allows for real-time tracking of employee punches, which provides managers with immediate insights into who is working, who is on break, and who might be missing. This real-time visibility helps in better scheduling and workforce management, allowing businesses to allocate resources more effectively. Managers can quickly identify trends such as habitual tardiness or overtime, enabling them to take corrective actions proactively. Such insights help in optimizing employee productivity and ensuring that labor costs are kept in check.

Moreover, the detailed reports generated by the time clock module can significantly aid in performance evaluations and project management. By correlating time spent with tasks completed, businesses can gain a clearer understanding of employee efficiency and productivity. This data is invaluable for identifying high performers and areas where additional training or resources might be needed. Furthermore, it simplifies the process of job costing by accurately attributing labor costs to specific projects or clients, which is crucial for budgeting and financial planning.

In addition to improving accuracy and efficiency, Brilliance CRM's time clock module can lead to substantial cost savings. By automating time tracking, businesses reduce the administrative burden on HR and payroll departments, allowing these teams to focus on more strategic tasks. The reduction in payroll errors also minimizes the risk of overpayments, saving money directly. Overall, the time clock module helps businesses streamline operations, improve productivity, and maintain tight control over labor costs, thereby enhancing the overall financial health of the organization.

Time Clock Screen Screenshots

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Key Features For Time Clock

  • Web Based and fully mobile friendly
  • Edit Punches Without Login In
  • See hours worked during a pay period without logging in
  • Can Track GPS (Latitude / Longitude) Location, if enabled
  • Configurable Punch Scren (All optional unless specified)
    • Multiple Company
    • Email Address or User Pin (Required)
    • Password
    • Track Project / Job
    • Track Project / Job Type
    • Track Task
    • Put in Description
    • Upload file(s)
  • Cookie to remember
    • Email Address or User Pin
    • Project
    • Task
    • Set cookie duration to be active from last punch
  • Clear Certain Fields Upon Punch
  • Show time summary on Punch
  • Disallow Negative Hours
  • Enhanced Logging
  • Punch Rounding
  • Employee Editing
    • Control what users are allowed to edit
    • Account
    • Project
    • Category
    • Tasks
    • Punch In Time
    • Punch Out Time
    • Mileage
    • Expenses
    • Description In
    • Description Out
    • Locked
    • Approved
    • Processed
  • Email and/or Text Notifications
    • User
    • Manager
    • Administrator
    • Daily
  • Dashboard Components
    • List of who is punched in right now
    • Show user punches for the current Pay Period
    • Show where users are punched in, if GPS enabled, on a Google Map
  • Manager Editing, same as user, but can edit their employees
  • Administrators Editing, can edit all unless
  • Record locking, prevents any Edits
  • Time Clock Periods
    • Create Periods
    • Track Based On Period
    • Start / End Date
    • Time Zone per Pay Period
    • Description
    • Enhanced Logging
    • See All Punches within the Pay Period
    • Exporting
      • CSV File Export
      • Locks Records On Export
      • Allow Exporting
      • Auto-assign missing pay period
      • Export one row per employee or all rows
      • Export time rounding
  • Intrusion Detection to Prevent Abuse
  • Use Server Time or Local Time